Why Canudo?

by Canudo Management Team

CANUDO began with a with a collective idea from three friends who wanted to change the world for the better and offer an eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws, something that is safe for the environment and doesn’t end up sitting in landfills or disrupting ecosystems.  

In Canada, around 57 million plastic straws are thrown away per day, which is equivalent to around 2 billion plastic straws per year.  Nonetheless, the percentage of these plastic straws being properly recycled  are minimal, and the magnitude of the problem can be directly linked to the devastation of our oceans and coastlines; therefore, is no longer an option to ignore the problem.

The City of Vancouver joining forces and is already implementing a long-term strategic vision for the city to achieve the goal of zero waste by 2040. The city’s plan includes forward looking policies and actions to help stimulate, support, and allow Vancouver to become a zero waste community. One of those actions is implement a ban on plastic straws starting June 1st, 2019. As a result, some people are already looking for alternative measures so they do not have to give up their convenience and quit enjoying their drinks as they always have, by replacing plastic straws with reusable alternatives such as glass, metal and bamboo or going for a single-use and recyclable alternative as paper straws.

So, why CANUDO? Well, the alternatives above are a good option if compared to plastic (because anything is better than plastic!), but there are some remarks that need to be made here: with reusable straws we end up generating more and not less. More waste is created by manufacturing more glass and steel, as well as increased CO2 emissions and the more deforestation of the bamboo plants. Adding to that, the use of reusable straws forces people to incorporate into their routines the impracticality of carrying a straw with them at all times, as well as the health risks, such as bacteria and mold growth associated with improper cleaning and drying.

Paper straws are a slightly better choice, they are made for single-use, they are biodegradable, more affordable, and sure they look cute with the large variety of patterns available on the market. So this leads to the question of what's wrong with them, you may ask me? They soak up on the liquid fast and eventually they start disintegrating in your drink and change the texture of it in an unpleasant way. In general, people accept the idea of using paper straws because it’s the only eco-friendly and affordable alternative that was offer to them, but it lacks quality.

Did you know that the plastic straw was only invented because of its predecessor, the paper straw, was not so well accepted? So, in order to solve a current problem, we should go back to the previous solution instead of finding a new, sustainable, biodegradable, and affordable alternative? No!

That why CANUDO! Because we offer a solution to those problems with a new sustainable, biodegradable, and affordable single-use straw alternative. Our straws are made of repurposed discarded rice and tapioca. They will last up to 4 hours in your drink without disintegrating and from how they are manufactured until the end of their life span, they are 100% recycled. After they are used as simple straws, they will go to straight into your compost bin and back to the soil and help feed our local gardens, parks, and farms.

We are a local Vancouver based company, focused on reducing the local impact of pollution and giving back to our community by promoting sustainable community initiatives, generating local jobs, providing education about the importance of sustainability and inviting the our locals to be part of the change with us and raise the awareness to this matter.

So we invite you to be our partner on this journey too and make Vancouver and Earth a better place.